Meetings are never easy to run – especially when critical issues require intense discussion and final decisions are imperative.


Oftentimes, a third-party meeting facilitator is just the resource your group needs to ensure a productive in-person meeting.


Dean’s years of training, strategic planning and coaching lend unique credibility to his meeting facilitation.


He’s more than a moderator.


He’ll gain a level of familiarity with your issues and culture and will help you design an agenda that will ensure that your outcomes are accomplished.


Your meeting will flow with the appropriate levels of discussion and interaction, and you’ll leave the meeting with the results you set out to achieve.


There’s a big difference between facilitating, and facilitating well. Dean understands what it takes to strategically guide a session and its participants to achieve the established objectives.
Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder & President, Senior Planners Industry Network